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First Creative Commons, community edited, fiction novel.


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Cool beans and lucky breaks! :)

First Creative Commons community edited fiction novel

Because everthing is open I was able to

Downloaded over 15,000 times from this site, and at least as many times again measured by public hit counts offsite.

The first novel shared over the brand new (at the time) XO OLPC laptop mesh


Icon Science Fiction Festival

Free Software Round Table Radio Show.

Cover Artists

Erica Norwood

Brian McElwee - Link soon

Just a few of the early influences on the book.

The free online book Engines of Creation

The news site Nanodot

The news site Slashdot

The book The Diamond Age

Articles in the magazine US News and World Report

Great conversations in and around LILUG meetings

Many of the Marvel Comics especially the 2099 series

MIT (and others too) has been fooling with wearable computers, glasses and cameras long before I even conceived of the plot of Thicker Than Blood. Lightweight portable computers are just about there, and popular game consoles are making use of wands, so the only thing missing is glasses and open source drivers to tie the three together.

Generational wave theory combined with typical intial suppresion and eventual emergence of disruptive technologies during the winter season of the Kondratiev wave.

Organizations doing good works.


Foresight Institute

Creative Commons

Programs used to write this book and create this site.

Both Debian and Ubuntu Linux

VIM text editor

Aspell spell checker

Latex typesetting system along with the SFFMS Science Fiction and Fantasy Manuscript type setting class

Gimp graphics editor

Open office with the Java grammar checker Language Tool

Apache web server using Server Side Includes and Cascading Style Sheets.

Mailman mailing list manager

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