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First Creative Commons, community edited, fiction novel.


Fun Stuff

I threw together a dateless timeline if you are looking for perspective.

Just for fun I threw together a wordsearch for words with interesting meanings.

Here is the original sketch of the older propaganda style cover.

Here is the older original concept cover displayed on the site.

Here is an alternative color alternative concept cover based on the older concept.

I dug up a screen shot of the site in Feb, 2006. It's changed a bit.

I glued all the chapter files together from the original unedited book and used a diff Thicker-Than-Blood-v0.01.tex v1.02-book1.tex | grep -e '>' | wc -l to compare it to the most modern source file without the header code. It looks like 43% of book has changed. The diff file was nearly twice the size of the book. That's quite a lot of editing.

The Process

I wrote up a HOWTO on how to use latex/SFFMS to format a full length novel.

There is a changelog for the book. I have accepted so many edits, I needed to keep track of them.


I was invited to my first reading at ICON 26 I also sat on 8 different related panels. I wrote up summary.

As of 3/30/2007 I am the top hit on yahoo.com search for "Thicker Than Blood"

As of 10/20/2007 I am at the top according to ask.com's search for "Thicker Than Blood."

As of 1/13/2008 I am in the top ten hits for the search "Thicker Than Blood" on Google. The book has a combined total of over 2000 downloads as well.

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