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First Creative Commons, community edited, fiction novel.

About the Book

The first community edited creative commons fiction novel. This novel was originally posted online as a rough draft in late 2005, and received tens of thousands of reader contributions before going stable in 2008. It has received good reader reviews, and has been downloaded over 15,000 times from this site and nearly double that including external websites.

Hero By Choice.

The flip of a switch gives Joe, an ordinary mechanic, superhuman abilities. He discovers his new powers after his aunt saves his life with restricted nanites. When the corporation sanctioned by the military to control all nanotechnology discovers his secret, everyone he knows is thrust into a world of deception and treason. Can Joe give the people of the world life-saving superhuman powers, or will the attempt claim his life?

A reviewers guide is availble. - Warning, complete spoiler. Total walkthrough.

About the Author

Matthew A. Newhall


I am a 34 year old New Yorker. I have enjoyed spending time creating, listening to, and telling oral stories. My experiences with the open source community, time spent as a computer professional, and my own varied experiences inspired my first science fiction thriller, Thicker Than Blood. The story will continue in a four book series.

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