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First Creative Commons, community edited, fiction novel.

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Thanks for the book, can I help?

You are welcome. There are some things I can't do without help.
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You can support future work by buying the hard copy. Don't forget rate it on Lulu after you buy it.
Tell a friend. :)
Email someone and tell them about Thicker Than Blood right now.
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Manybooks.net - Someone put the book up here and I have quite a few downloads!
Asiaing.com - This site put me on the front page and I got hundreds of hits. Thanks!
How Web Developers Can Help:
Do you have a web page and did you like the book? Please help promote it. Just copy the following code from the gray box below,
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Give Thicker Than Blood a read. I liked it.
Donate To Worthy Causes:
Also Consider donating to the the EFF or to Foresight Institute. Just drop me and email at ttb@thickerthanbloodthebook.com and let me know you donated. :)
Please email any suggestions to ttb@thickerthanbloodthebook.com. Thank you for your help and gentle prodding. :)

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